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Join The Exposure Group: The Benefits of Membership

Join the Exposure Group and you will be joining a network of colleagues, throughout the United States who are dedicated to professional growth and development. The organization provides information, educational programs, lectures, field trips and demonstrations designed to meet the varying needs of its members.  Your membership fee is tax deductible and on a calendar year (Jan - Dec).

Professional Membership: $150/$158 Credit Card
All members are subject to final approval and acceptance by the Officers and must be recommended of a member in good standing. Members at the "Professional" level are full voting members of the Exposure Group. Professional members also will receive a 10% referral fee for jobs referred to other Exposure Group members. A photographer who is self-employed; a staff photographer; photography instructor at an accredited institution; one who can demonstrate having worked in the photography business for at least 3 years; one who is actively engaged in the field of photography and possess an accredited photography degree; a studio owner; one who has a designated home studio and office, a wedding photographer; and if in business the candidate must show business cards, web presence and/or brochures, etc. Membership is also open to retired photographers who once fit the above qualifications. If the candidate is a member of the following organizations, proof of membership must be provided: Canon Professional Services, Nikon Professional Services, a nationally or internationally recognized photography organization. A business card listing in the awards dinner program at no additional charge. Receive free or discounted photographic services or products when available.

Active membership: $75/$80 Credit Card
Members must be persons striving to become professional photographers by pursuing studies that prepare them for a career in the photography profession. They may be persons working as assistants to full time photographers or persons working part-time in photography while maintaining a full-time job outside the profession. Vote for election of officers. Receive free or discounted photographic services or products when available.

Associate membership: $50/$55 Credit Card (Non-Photographer)
Associate membership is open to businesses and others who serve the professional photography community. This includes but not limited to Lab Technicians, Editors, Graphic Artists, Museum Curators, Gallery Owners, Vendors, Videographers, Friends of The Exposure Group and those for whom photography is not their primary source of income may join at this level. Receive free or discounted photographic services or products when available.

Retired Professional membership: $25/$30 Credit Card (Must be 62 & Over)
Retired members must have been a professional member of The Exposure Group for the previous two years. Must provide proof of age. Receive free or discounted photographic services or products when available.

Student membership: $25/$28 Credit Card
Members must provide proof of being a full-time enrolled student in an accredited college, university, or professional trade school or program.

Portfolio Critiques: (Members Only)
Upon request our experienced photographers will evaluate portfolios, and offer professional guidance and constructive criticism to photographers at all levels.

The Exposure Group constantly get the word out about programs, events, special offers and issues of concern to our membership on the Website, Facebook, and Twitter.

PO BOX 76447
Washington DC 20013-6447

(202) 462-9099


Meeting Date: Wednesday, September 8, 2021
Meeting Time: 6:30-8:45 PM
The Exposure Group Zoom Meeting
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United States
Phone Number: (202) 526-7007

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